Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will engraving affect the tone of my instrument?

A: No.

Q: Can you engrave over existing engraving?

A: Yes, yes, yes! See the difference this makes by clicking here: Restoring Vintage Engraving.

Q: Can you expand on the existing engraving?

A: Usually, yes. This is often requested to cover cosmetic flaws (scratches, dents, wear) as well as to enhance the overall appearance of the instrument.

Q: When is the best time to add engraving to an instrument?

A: Anytime! The most cost effective time is during a complete restoration or overhaul.
The process of engraving cuts through the finish, exposing the brass. To maintain the original finish the engraved areas need to be sealed either with clear lacquer or re-plated to prevent tarnish. The cost for sealing with lacquer or re-plating varies.
Note: Some musicians prefer to age the exposed brass, thereby creating a "Vintage" look.

Q: What else do I need to know?

a.) I strictly adhere to manufacturer's rights to their designs ( i.e. Bach designs on Bach instruments).
b.) I can engrave on inside of bells.
c.) I can not engrave on nickel or chrome surfaces.
d.) I don't engrave wood instruments.
e.) I don't engrave on French Horns, they are too thin.
f.) I reserve the right to modify the design based on availability of open areas.

Q: Do you engrave serial numbers?

A: Yes, if in an open area.

Q: Can you engrave portraits similar in style to the 1920's designs?

A: Those engravings included a technique called burnishing and often included inlay work as well. The closest I can get to replicating that type of design is the line engravings such as the "Bach " bust in Custom Designs.

Q: Can you engrave my instrument identical to my friend's?

A: I can engrave the design on your instrument. No two engravings are identical. Each is unique, just as each person's signature is unique. You may or may not see the difference.

Q: What is the average price of engraving?

A: There is no average price. Engraving designs may take as little as thirty minutes or an entire week. My charges are based on actual time spent with your instrument. You may specify the $$ you wish to spend.

Q: How do you recommend shipping the instrument?

A: I advise you to take your instrument with the case to a professional shipping service and or follow the UPS shipping guidelines and insure it for replacement value.