Custom Designs

Artistic Engraving is pleased to offer consultation on custom designs. We will work with you from conception to completion providing you with the same individuality of expression that is created between musician and instrument. Should you request specific ornamentation (i.e. eagle, dragon, rose, etc.), you must provide the art work. Custom designs may include slides, valve case, receiver, caps, leadpipe, inside bell, bow, body, or just about any exposed area. Another option for custom designs is rose-cut fill as on the Martin Conte trumpet below:

  • final5blue

Rose cut fill enhances custom engraving by creating a textured background for your design. This procedure is very labor intensive. The rose-cut fill is the supreme choice in hand engraving.
The process of engraving cuts through the finish, exposing the brass. To maintain the original finish the engraved areas need to be sealed either with clear lacquer or re-plated to prevent tarnish. The cost for sealing with lacquer or re-plating varies. This service is performed by a local repair shop.

Here are some of the custom designs Artistic Engraving has done.

Please click on the designs to enlarge.

  • dragon-sword
  • fishingscene
  • dragon
Dragon & Sword
Engraved on a trombone for an up and coming young musician
Fishing Scene
Engraved on a solid brass body of a guitar for a nature enthusiast from Maine
This design of a dragon wraps around the trumpet bell.
  • spiressteeple
  • yeo
Spires Steeples
This design originally was created for engraving on a cornet
Yeo Trombone
Created especially for Douglas Yeo of the Boston Orchestra. This detailed, ornate design embellishes his Yamaha trombone today. See picture
  • steamboat
  • vincentbachbust
This design was created for a trumpet player from Alabama. He loves steamboats and wanted everyone to know this.
Vincent Bach Bust
This line drawing was engraved on a saxophone bell for the president of the Selmer Company. The bell then was part of a train engine made entirely from brass parts.