Comments from Customers

Yesterday I got my trumpet. I couldn't believe my trumpet, it seems to be born again. My one is better than your homepage sample. It's so amazing work & very artistic thing.
You make me love my horn so much!!
I will back to my country but I will never forget you, and.... If my friend or lesson teacher gets a new horn I will recommend you.
Thank you very much. If I get new trumpet, I will call you again.
A. Dang Lim of California

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Hi Sherry,
I just got my customers flute head joint back. YOU DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB ON IT! My customer did not see it yet, but I am sure she will love it. I will be sending you another one for you to engrave which will be for display in my shop. I am sure you will get much business from it. You do beautiful work!!!

Jim Scimonetti
Woodwind & Brass Repair Inc.
Lancaster, CA
(661) 729-2520

Dear Sherry,
Thank you so much for the beautiful job that you did engraving my silver-plated MkVI alto. The sax looks spectacular, just as I knew it would. Your engraving makes all the difference in the world. It turned a nondescript looking instrument into a thing of beauty. What I also love about your engraving is that you did not overdo it - it is understated but elegant, and it looks absolutely original. Thanks for another job well done! All the best,


The results of the two altos you just completed are extraordinary. Your work with push-pull has certainly paid off for us all. I will probably not complete the silver Top Hat project until spring, but will share a set of pix as soon as it's done. This one should be spectacular when finished.
All the best,
> Bear

Charlie Melk was kind enough to let me see my horn before he sent it off to Anderson for plating and OH MY GOD IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you ever so much for doing such an exquisite job.
Jim Bell

Another fine job, Sherri. I can't tell what was original & what you added. The extra touch above the strap ring really sets the instrument apart. Thank you for helping to restore this wonderful saxophone's character & style.
All the best,

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Hello! This is Brian Johnston. You engraved my alto with Charlie Parker. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, but wanted to thank you and congratulate you on one of the most beautiful saxophones I have ever seen in my life. It's truly a work of art; a masterpiece in my eyes, I came home from school and I saw it on my front porch and I just started running towards my house. I was so excited. I took it to Marsh Woodwinds and I showed Rodney and he was very, very impressed with it. Every time I play, I always take time in between what I'm doing and just STARE at it. I just can't get over how beautiful it is. Thank you, thank you so much. It really looks so much better than any cannonball, or Julius Keilworth, or any other sax out there. I really, really appreciate what you have done. Thank you!

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Dear Sherry,

It is almost four years since I had the pleasure to meet you and your charming husband. I was looking at the amazing job you did on my trumpet then and I just wanted to say hello and thanks again for your kindness and for the incredible level of craftsmanship I proudly own. A lot of people know about Sherry Huntley now in Spain, that's for granted.

I am attaching a picture, as once you told me it would be nice to post one in your website.?

Warm regards from your friend in Spain,


  • a4bell